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Established in 2010, Husky Events has progressed to becoming a successful national events and promotions company. Operating across a multitude of cities throughout the UK, our focus has progressed to covering three key areas:

Student Events

Non Student Events

Large Scale Events

Husky Events is constantly evolving to ensure our events are as unique and original as possible, proven by strong repeat custom. We firmly believe that if the customer is happy and continues to get something out of their experience – we’re happy! Since our launch in 2010, our progression has led to diversification into a number of other fields, including high end Social Media Marketing and Management for third party clients.

Having operated in numerous different sectors ranging from Hospitality to Property, our experience is vast. With significant promotional experience, Husky Events is able to take a more unique approach to all clients’ accounts, ensuring the application of both skilled marketing techniques as well as promotional knowledge.



We are committed to curating incredible events as part of a very diverse mix.
With significant experience in this field, Husky Events operates a number of different styles of event including:
– Weekly Club Nights
– One Off Events
– Ticketed Events and Free Shows
– National Event Tours
– National Freshers Tours
– University Freshers’ Weeks
– Outdoor/ Indoor Music Festivals
– Plus many more.


Husky Events undertakes promotional campaigns not only for our own brands, but for third parties on a local and national level too.
Our skill set is vast, and includes:
– Floor Promotion
– Social Promotion
– Promotional Consultancy and Assessments


Not only do we run events, we also operate a successful Social Media Management and Marketing Agency under the Husky Events brand.
Social Media is one of the most used aspects in day to day life, and we successfully apply skilled marketing and management techniques to all our clients:
– Content Management
– Full Platform Management
– Campaign Building
– Product Placement: Get your business or product directly in front of the customer
– Social Advice


Having built up a strong reputation through operating and running successful events, Husky Events operates as a skilled consultant for a number of other brands throughout the UK.
We are able to apply our knowledge and experience in order to aid the growth and operations of third party businesses in both the event and festival scene.
– Brand and Event Consultancy
– Operational Consultancy and Support
– Social Media Analysis including Demographic Insights




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